Applications & services

We offer a variety of preparative workflows for the available complementary Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies. Since we have learned that a good project discussion significantly improves the quality and success of experiments, please contact us by phone or e-mail in advance when you are planning your project. 
In principle, the sequencing of all genome-wide as well as targeted NGS applications is supported by us. We have a wide range of standard and adapted methods available (see below). Special focus of the center is our expertise in single cell sequencing as well as de novo sequencing of new species.

A selection of established preparative workflows: 

DNA sequencing 

  • genome wide sequencing with Illumina and Pacbio
  • targeted re-sequencing (exome and panels)
  • ChIP-Sequencing 
  • Whole genome bisulfite sequencing
  • 10x linked read (10x Genomics) for long range analysis of DNA
  • optical mapping (Bionano)
  • amplicon re-sequencing
  • 16 S Sequencing 

RNA sequencing 

  • strand specific RNA-Seq 
  • miRNA-Seq
  • RNA amplification 

Single cell Sequencing 

  • Smart-Seq 2
  • DropSeq (10 X Genomics)


  • Barcode Sequencing 
  • RAD-Sequencing 
  • TCR profiling
  • Crispr-screening