Single cell analysis

Chromium (10 X Genomics) 

The Chromium system is a platform for the highly parallelized encapsulation and processing of single cells to provide "Drop-Seq" scSequencing. (Zheng et al., Nat comm, 2017)
CRTD R 3.115 - South Wing

Mantis (Formulatrix) 

The Mantis is a nanodispensing device that serves in combination with the existing automation systems the miniaturized Smart-Seq2 pipeline. (Picelli et al., Nature, 2014) 
CRTD R 3.115 - South Wing

BD Rhapsody Single-Cell Analysis System (BD Genomics) (in validation phase)

The BD Rhapsody Single-Cell Analysis System is a microwell array based system that allows gene expression profiling of up to 20 K of single cells per experiment. (Fan et al., Science, 2015)
CRTD R 3.115 - South Wing