Getting started Guide – Before you submit samples

Make sure that both, you and your PI have an account with the Genome Center. We need a Genome Center account for each user before receiving samples.  

How to set up this account?
Please enter your contact information making use of the DeepSeq UserNet interface. A link with username and password is send to you after registration. More general information on the UserNet interface is found below on the FAQ section after login. This section has also all other information of administrative relevance.

For the different sample types, please check the sample requirements as defined in the ‘Applications’ section.

For sample submission, login to the DeepSeq UserNet ( and submit sample information online. For larger scaled projects, we support batch submissions with excel sheets. Templates can also be found at the DeepSeq UserNet ( .

Sample requirements: 

  • Quantify your samples as precisely as possible (Qubit, Bioanalyzer). We do not recommend a Nanodrop quantification since is not accurate enough for NGS purposes. These potential inconsistencies might delay sample processing and could cause re-submission of samples after accurate re-quantification by us.
  • Label your tubes using the assigned sample ID's in the sample submission dialog.
  • For batch processing at reduced price (≥8 samples), the following is required: 
    • All samples in the batch should have the same DNA/RNA amount and volume (speak to us before!)
    • Use our recommended single lidded 8-stripes (#732-0545, VWR). If needed we can provide them to you.
    • RNA Samples should be delivered on dry ice, DNA samples on ice (NEVER use liquid nitrogen with the 8-stripes to avoid opening of tubes leading to cross contamination!
  • Due to the specific sample requirements of the long read applications, please always get in touch with the long read team ( beforehand to discuss requirements and options .

In case of further questions please consult us at