In addition to generating NGS data, our centre is also involved in data analysis if requested. We have developed a variety of bioinformatic analysis workflows to help answer questions on a wide range of biological issues. The majority of these methods are genome-wide analysis approaches covering the genome, transcriptome and epigenome. 

Here a selected list of currently supported analysis workflows:


  • de novo assemblies
  • Genome wide and targeted (exome, panel) variation analysis
  • Genome wide methylation analysis (WG-BS Seq, MeDIP Seq)
  • Amplicon based analyses (16S Seq, Crispr Genotyping)
  • Single cell CNV analysis


  • Trancriptome profiling, differential exon usage
  • miRNA/short RNA profiling
  • single cell transcriptomics (SmartSeq-2, DropSeq data)